Mobile technology has flourished after its inception in the late 1970's.  A single device that fits into the palm of the hand has connected the world radically and changed business and social culture altogether. The world is on the periphery of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the launch of cutting-edge innovation – 5G, the next generation – which is expected to roll-out globally by 2020.

What is the 5G Buzz?

5G is expected to offer wireless cell phone connectivity to download video streaming in milliseconds at lower data costs and at speeds of over 1 Gbps. The initial cost of implementing this technology may be costly at the onset however is it expected to eventually lead to lower data costs.  5G is projected to become a major role-player in the 4th industrial revolution. Unfortunately 5G is not accessible in countries where 5G phones have not yet become commercially available to customers.  5G uses higher radio frequencies than 4G and transmit at faster speeds and carry mass information, supporting multiples devices that are being used simultaneously - more bandwith equals to faster speeds.However,there is expected to be teething problems amidst a plethora of trials and error at the onset.  

Mobile technology is heavily reliant on radio frequency as was the case for 3G and 4G technology.  So in order to access the required bandwith to exploit the 5G technology, networks will need to cover substantially larger areas of territory and extra cell phone towers would need to be installed.  Needless to say, whilst the 5G network infrastructure is being erected it is expected that coverage may not be as widespread initially. Since 5G is still in its infancy, time will tell whether this next level generation technology will deliver and change the landscape of mobile technology forever.

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